Slotted Chair

The intent was to design a piece of furniture with the use of the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine. The program was to create a chair to be affordable and adaptive to a college student’s life style. 

It was designed to be adaptive because the chair allows lounging and/or studying the two things students do the most on a daily basic during any given semester.

Affordable in the way of repair-ability if a piece were to break you could buy a small $10 piece of birch plywood and replace the component. The design requires no hardware. The cushion was a product of environment by using something as common as a gym mat, most students have or have access to a mat. I attempted to keep the fabrication economical as the chair was made of just 2- 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood. I utilized the only extra plywood from the initial design to create a removable counter-top that would lay across the arm rest. This created a great place to have a workstation for laptops, sketchbooks, etc.
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